Aros – Black – 70cm

    Fiber concrete is the new material in the interior design world. This shelf is made of stained concrete on a wood base core that exudes masculinity and elegance.

    The Aros shelf is fitted with two black leather straps and mounted into the wall with 2 pcs. Screws and finish with two brushed fixtures to cover screws.

    The concrete surface will have scratches and irregularities from the production and will get more patina when used. This is an effect that will appear, as we make the shelf by hand by applying the concrete powder.

    The colored concrete in a combination with the black leather hangers creates a modern and smart design. The shelf is available in the colors: Black, Blue, Grey and Recycle wood.

    Each shelf is unique and will vary from the picture.

    Leather height 38 cm

    Max 10 kg

    SKU: FH 197