Our new Riyadh Rocking Chair is a trip down memory lane, as we remember the rocking chair as being a part of our parents and grandparents furniture.

    With movement and comfort in mind, as well as sustainable leather, we have made our version of a Rocking chair.

    The chair features a soft and yet comfortable hardness, giving you a surface to rest your back on that’s both firm and flexible. The steel frame features both round and straight angles that give off a vibe of elegance and cosiness.

    Inner frame of wood foam and frame of steel.

    The leather will crack and get patina over time when used.
    Wear and tear from use, will make the unique look to each chair.

    We recommend having a carpet underneath the chair, as the metal frame can scratch the floor.

    Each chair is unique and may differ slightly from the picture.

    SKU: FH 179